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Learn How A Tree Removal Company Can Help You Create The Perfect Hunting Spot

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If you are someone who loves to hunt, and have recently bought a new piece of property, you may want to consider customizing the property to suit your hunting needs. A tree removal company, such as Corner Landscaping & Tree Service can be hired to trim limbs or remove trees to create the perfect hunting spots. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way a tree removal company can help you kill more deer this hunting season than you have ever been able to kill before.

Consider the Season

Deer are often most active during the cooler times of the year. It is best to have the tree removal company come out to your property during the middle or end of summer to cut down on the chances of the deer being scared away from the area.

Determine Which Tree Is Ideal for Your Tree Stand

Since you more than likely have hunted on the property before, you will know where the high traffic areas are for the deer. Determine which tree you feel would be best to use for your deer stand in the most trafficked area. Stand up on that tree before you meet with the tree removal company.

Determine Which Limbs Are Blocking Your View

When you do meet with the tree removal company, go to the tree stand and climb onto it. Let the person with whom you are meeting know which limbs of the surrounding trees are blocking your view of the forest floor. He or she will then be able to mark the limbs with paint so that they can know which limbs need to be removed and which can stay.

Determine if Any Trees Need to Be Removed

If there are numerous small trees in the area making a curtain that shields your view from numerous angles of the woods, consider having some of them removed. The company can use four-wheelers to pull the trees and limbs from the forest so that they do not actually have to drive their truck into the area and cause excessive damage to the area. Since four-wheelers are often used by hunters to drag dead deer out of the woods, you can rest assured the tree removal company will not be causing a lot of damage when they use them to remove the trees.

When you hire the tree removal company, it is important to let them know what you plan to do with the area so that they can be sure to leave minimal signs of human activity as possible. Some companies may even be willing to wear scent blocker and gloves while they are doing their job to ensure that they do not leave a strong scent behind.