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Landscape Your Yard For Fall Color With These 2 Flowers

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Once the temperatures starts going down, your flowers start to fade out leaving your yard with no color. Fortunately, you can keep the color around a little longer with the two flowers below. Get your landscaping supplies ready and plant these beautiful flowers.


If you go shopping at any garden center right now, you will see a lot of mums. This is because the mum is a fall blooming flower that will bloom until the first frost. You will find the mum in bright yellow, creamy white, or orange.  Mums have a tight and mounded habit, and work great for mass plantings. If you like to decorate your yard with pumpkins, yellow and orange mums go great with them.

If you do not want to plant your mums in the ground, you can plant them in containers. This allows you to move the containers around to any part of your yard that needs a pop of color.  Mums are known as a perennial, but you may choose to plant them as an annual. Because you plant them in the fall, they do not have as long to establish their roots, and may not make it through the winter. If you really want mums to come back for you every year, plant them in the spring, and they will pop up in the fall each year.

Your mums will grow best if they can receive sun all day. The soil should also drain well. If you notice water pooling on top of the ground after it rains, then your soil needs amended so it will soak in the water. You can use compost to do this, which you will find at garden centers. Compost not only aerates the soil, but adds nutrients for your flowers. Add enough compost so you can mix it in a few inches deep before you plant the flowers.

Follow the directions on the plant tag on how to plant your mums. This tag tells you how deep they should be planted, as well as how you need to space them out if you purchase more than one.


If you live in an area that has mild winters, you should consider growing some pansies to have color in your yard from fall, winter, and spring until the temperatures start getting too hot. If your pansies get covered in snow, they will not die. Instead, they will become stronger, and will just wait to start blooming again until the weather warms up a little. Planting them in the fall gives them a lot of time to get established, which makes them even stronger in the spring.

You will find pansies in an array of colors, including blue, purple, white, red, and yellow. You will also find them in orange, if you want pansies to go well with your mums.

Plant your pansies in soil that drains well. They will grow best in full sun. One thing about pansies is they love water. If they do not get enough of it, they will start to wilt. When you see this happening, make sure you give them a drink.

Add an all-purpose flower fertilizer to the soil for both your mums and pansies to help them grow even better. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer you purchase to ensure you apply it properly. For help with landscaping, contact a supply delivery company like Charles Bopst Trucking.