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Landscaping Tips For Overwhelmingly Large Spaces

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If you are overwhelmed or don't know where to begin when it comes to landscaping a large space, this can be done just as simply as smaller spaces with a little planning ahead of time. Just because your yard is large doesn't mean that this needs to be hard to maintain. Here are four tips when it comes to reining in your large landscape.

1. Large Shrubs, Accents, and Pathways

If you love small plants and flowers, there can be a place for this in your landscape but this cannot be your only landscaping choice. If you have a lot of space to fill, think big. Large shrubbery, rocks, and fountains can help break up space and fill in areas. Utilize wide pathways to bring a flow to your yard and have more space that will be easy to maintain.

2. Groves of Trees

If you have a larger space you are hoping to landscape, remember this might be a long term project. Planting small trees today can fill in over time and help diversify your yard. This will bring in ample shade so that you will have more options when it come to plants and will be nice for your family to rest under. Poplars, willows, and birch trees all are fast growing, and as these mature, they will take up more space around your property lines or can be a great centerpiece in the middle of your yard.

3. A Well-Designed Pool

If you have kids, you might consider installing a pool to up your resale value and to bring some fun and entertainment to your yard. Gone are the days of municipal looking pools with bright blue cement bottoms. Pools can be designed to fit in with your landscaped environment and add to the look you hope to achieve. Work with both a pool contractor and your landscaper to make your addition look more like an oasis and less like the public swimming pool.

4. Zone Spaces

If your yard is expansive, you will need to divide and conquer in order to keep your landscaping environment a cohesive space. If your yard hasn't been worked on in a long time, bring in a landscaper to map out areas for your garden, play areas, and patios for entertaining.

If you don't even know where to begin when it comes to designing a large backyard, call in a professional landscaper, like those at Wagner Sod, Landscaping and Irrigation Co., Inc. They can give you ideas and help make your large yard functional and easier to maintain. If you start with a good plan, your landscape will be easier for future upkeep and will hopefully look great throughout the year.