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2 Alternative Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Yard

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When you want to improve the look of your yard and you do not want to replant new flowers every year, you should look into a few creative yet simple options. By choosing to add plants that offer different color schemes or rocks to your yard, you can improve the look of your yard.

Plant Flowering Evergreens

Flowering evergreens are a great option for those who want flowers without the hassle of planting new ones every season. However, when many people think of evergreens, they may picture Christmas trees or Hemlock bushes. In truth, evergreens come in so many different forms and they give you the ability to add multiple colors to your yard that will last throughout the year.

The most noticeable feature for most evergreen varieties is that their leaves stay green throughout most of the year. This one aspect allows you to have different types of plants in your yard that will not die out during the winter months.

Many species of evergreens also produce blooms or berries at different times of the year. For example, Viburnum is a flowering evergreen bush that grows between 36 to 48 inches, and it develops white blossoms in the late spring to early summer.

If you are unsure about which evergreens will work in your yard, it is best to consult a local landscaper. The landscaper can recommend different plants and they can get them in the ground for you.

Incorporate Rocks

When you do not want plants that will require attention, you should consider incorporating rocks into your landscaping design. Rocks are a great way to add dimension to your yard without having to worry about watering additional flowers or pruning bushes.

The easiest rocks to incorporate are different types of gravel. You can place them around trees or create a walkway with them.

It is important to note that if you plan to remove grass for the graveled areas, you will need to place a weed barrier down after the grass is gone but before you put down the gravel. This barrier helps prevent weeds or grass from growing up in between the stones, which will reduce any maintenance the area will require in the future.

However, gravel is not your only option when it comes to placing rocks in your yard. Another design option is to place a thick layer of gravel and then put larger rocks on top. The larger rocks or small boulders add a nice focal point to the yard. If you prefer, you can forgo the layer of gravel and place the larger rocks around your yard instead.

Changing and enhancing the look of your yard does not mean you have to contend with planting flowers each season. Instead, you can use evergreens and rocks to help give your property a completely new look.

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