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The ABCs Of Creating The Illusion Of Space In A Small Backyard Area

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Enjoying the space that you have available behind your home is all about having attractive landscaping, but if you only have a small space to work with, any landscaping at all may seem like a big challenge. Even though your backyard may be a bit smaller than some, you can still add attractive elements to the space to make it more welcoming without just creating clutter. Even better, there are some things you can do when it comes to landscape design that can actually help you create the illusion of more space. There is a simple set of rules that you can follow to create the illusion of space in your tiny backyard.

Always Create Clean Landscape Lines

If you are looking to add a few new landscaping features without overcrowding what little space you have available, you have to be careful with how you implement the flowers, shrubs, and trees that you choose. Creating a clear divider between where your lawn ends and your landscape begins is an effective way to make sure things don't get too overwhelming in your small space. Additionally, adding small barriers, such as stone borders or concrete curbs, will add depth, which will easily enhance the space appearance.

Be Careful with Overly "Busy" Plants

You may adore flowering plants and shrubs that add a lot of color to your landscape. However, adding too much vibrancy in a small space can make the area feel cluttered and too visually busy, making an already small area appear that much smaller. Flowering plants are fine, but in moderation. If your backdrop is a set of flowering dwarf fruit trees, such as pear or plum, stick with low-lying greenery and minimal flowers close to the ground. If you have varying types of flowering plants, tie them together by their color hues to keep things more uniform during the blooming season.

Carefully Layer the Plants You Choose

It may sound like a bad idea to use layering techniques when you do not have a lot of landscape space to work with. However, depth of different textures and plants can give an onlooker more to look at from a distance, which creates the illusion of more space. Layer plants and trees, with the tallest always outlying the outside perimeter of the space, and don't be afraid to experiment with different plants and flowers to create the most desirable appeal.

Even though your backyard area is small, you can still open it up with the right landscaping features. If you are struggling with lacking space for landscaping, talk to a professional landscape designer, like Design Scapes of Manasota Inc, for advice.