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Creating A Winter Wonderland

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Outdoor living is something that many homeowners only consider during the warm and mostly pleasant spring and summer months. When fall comes along many begin to spend more and more time indoors. In many parts of the US, winter brings cold conditions and often snowy weather. However, this does not mean that outdoor living and entertaining must come to an end. With a few creative changes to a home's landscape design, a winter wonderland can be created!

Ice-Free Pathways

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to enjoying the outdoors during the winter months is ice. Ice forms on walkways and paths, making them difficult to navigate. Ice is also often responsible for bad falls and injuries during the winter months. Keeping ice from accumulating on walkway surfaces is a very important step in making a landscape usable during the colder months. Outdoor radiant heating is the best way to keep these surfaces ice free. Both electronic cable and hydronic heating systems can be installed underneath paving in order to melt any ice or snow that develops. This greatly reduces the need for shoveling and salting pathways, making it easier for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space.

Add A Fire Pit

During the cold months of winter, there is nothing better than gathering around a roaring fire. What many don't realize is that this fire doesn't necessarily have to be indoors. A fire pit is a great way to get more enjoyment of the outdoors during the winter season. Fire pits also make for a great landscape focal point. One of the key factors to keep in mind when building an outdoor fire pit is that all plants within a 7 foot radius around the pit should be removed. This must be done in order to reduce the risk of fire. Even a winter landscape can be in danger of catching on fire if embers are too close to the surrounding plant life.

Add Lights

For homeowners looking to create a winter wonderland, lights are where it's at! Additional lighting along pathways can help keep visitors and family members safe. It gets darker earlier during the winter months, so additional lighting can help make enjoying the outdoors possible later in the day. Bare branches make adding lights to trees a breeze. These lights make the winter landscape pop during the night time hours. 

Creating a winter wonderland is definitely possible with just a few changes. Keeping pathways ice free, adding a fire pit, and installing new lights can make a landscape even more enjoyable during the coldest months.