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Sprinkler Head Options For Your Lawn Watering Needs

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Before you install a complete irrigation system in your lawn, it's important that you consider your choice of sprinkler heads. There are several different types of sprinkler heads available, and each one has unique advantages for certain types of areas. Sometimes, the most effective sprinkler system is the one that has an integration of multiple sprinkler heads depending on what each section of the lawn needs. Here are a few types to choose from.

Fixed Sprinkler Heads

A fixed sprinkler head stays in one single position all the time. These sprinkler heads are best used when you're trying to cover a large lawn that's level and just needs widespread coverage. You can find fixed sprinkler heads in both above-ground and recessed varieties. Recessed varieties pop up when the sprinkler system is engaged, but stay down below the grass surface otherwise to keep them out of the way of lawn mowers and running children.

Impact Sprinkler Heads

Impact sprinklers are designed to release strong jets of water at predetermined intervals. They sit low to the ground and are easy to identify by their classic clicking sound. These are best suited for areas where windy conditions are common, because the water jet is released close to the ground, so you can be more confident that it gets where it needs to be despite the wind.

Pulsating Sprinkler Heads

These sprinkler heads are typically attached to spikes and they lay low to the ground. They're used for slow watering applications, and you can easily move them from one part of your lawn to another. Most pulsating sprinklers release water in a circular pattern, covering large spaces. These are good for areas where absorption requires consistent, slow water applications. Lawns with poor draining soil or clay content are good candidates.

Rotating Sprinkler Heads

A rotating sprinkler head is a great cost-effective choice when you don't want to invest in a complete in-ground sprinkler system. They are also great for supplemental watering if you have a dry area that's not getting enough from the in-ground sprinklers. These heads are usually directly connected to a garden hose and then placed where you want them in the yard. You can move these sprinklers at will, making it easy to target water where you need it most.

With this information, you can evaluate your sprinkler head choices and choose the system that's best for your yard. Talk with an irrigation and sprinkler system specialist (like Steeplechase) today to have something installed.