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Why Should You Get Rid Of The Tree Stump In Your Yard?

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So, you had a tree removed from your yard just last year. The tree removal company came, they cut down the tree, they took the tree away...and left the stump. It was only then that you realized tree stump removal is a separate charge. So now you're stuck wondering whether or not you should remove the tree stump and if so, why?

As it so happens, there are many good reasons to get rid of an old tree stump. Knowing the reasons may help you decide whether or not this is the right move for you.


Tree stumps are a big draw for pests like termites and carpenter ants. Tree stumps provide a lot of wet, rotten wood to break down. Once termites have moved into your yard, they won't have far to go until they find your house. Meanwhile, carpenter ants usually set up their big colony in a location like a tree stump, then send out satellite colonies into nearby houses.

Very likely, if carpenter ants were to move into the tree stump in your yard, it would be your home that would host the satellite colony. In other words, leaving a stump in your yard is like putting up a big sign to all the wood-eating pests and shouting, "Hey, over here!"


Your tree stump, depending on how well hidden it is, could be a big safety hazard if you have kids that like to run in the yard. Even if your kids all know where the tree stump is located, their friends and the neighbor kids could still easily trip over the stump while running to play tag. This could cause a bad accident, ruin a fun afternoon, or even potentially lead to a lawsuit.


It's hard to mow and landscape around a tree stump in the middle of the yard. Tearing it out will give you free, unencumbered space where you can plant flowers or grass, mow your lawn, install a swing set, place a sandbox, or put in a path.


Face it: your yard is prettier without a big old tree stump in it. Getting rid of your tree stump will help you restore your yard to its original beauty. Depending on where the tree stump is, removing it could even be good for your home's curb appeal.

For more information about why you should remove your tree stump, contact your local tree removal company. One company that might be able to meet your needs is Arborcare Tree Service.