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2 Tips For Landscaping Your Apartment Balcony

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Statistics show that there are 16,864,947 apartment households in the United States. While living in an apartment can provide some benefits, apartment dwellers often find it difficult to enjoy outdoor living space. If your apartment has a balcony, then you can transform this outdoor space into some additional living area by using creative landscaping techniques.

Here are two tips that will help you more effectively landscape your apartment balcony in the future.

1. Add an element of water to your balcony.

While you might not be able to have a fish pond or flowing stream when you live in an apartment, your balcony provides the perfect opportunity to introduce an element of water to your landscape design.

Creating a water terrarium is a simple (and space-saving) way to enjoy the benefits of a water feature when you live in an apartment. All you need to do to create your own water terrarium is find a glass globe large enough to house some water plants and comb your local thrift store for a stand or table that can be adapted to house your glass globe.

Once the base of your terrarium is constructed, add water and water plants. Landscapes that include water can be relaxing, so adding a water terrarium to your apartment balcony is a simple way to make your outdoor living space more tranquil.

2. Take advantage of vertical space.

The square footage available on your balcony might limit the number of plants you can place on the ground, but taking advantage of the vertical space on your balcony will help you create a more lush landscape. One simple way to create a vertical garden is to use some short pieces of rain gutter as planters.

You will need some PVC gutters and end caps, steel cables, Feeney cross clamps and steel rods, and galvanized eye hooks. On the underside of the gutters, drill a series of holes along the center for drainage. Drill a hole at each end for the cables to run through.

Determine how far apart you want each planter to be, then run the steel cable through your drilled holes. Secure at the desired height with the Feeney cross clamps and steel rods, add some shallow-root vegetation, and hang your planter from the ceiling of your balcony. Not only will a vertical garden add greenery to your apartment landscape, but it will help add privacy to your balcony as well.

Finding ways to landscape your apartment balcony doesn't have to be difficult. Try adding a water terrarium or vertical garden to spruce up your apartment's outdoor living space in the future. To find appropriate plants, talk to a place like Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.