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Create A Unique Mulch Bed In Front Of Your Company Building

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When decorating the landscaping in front of your business, it can be hard to make the area look unique and eye-catching. Mulch can be a great resource to use to create an eye-catching display in front of your company building. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to create the first initial of your company business with a mulch bed to draw attention to the building.

Choose the Location

The first thing you need to do is consider where the best place for the mulch bed to be located is. You want it to be visible by people passing by the building because you can use it as a landmark when giving someone directions to your company. A hillside is a great option because it allows the mulch bed to be easily seen.

Prepare the Area

Once you have chosen the best location for the mulch bed, you need to choose the size of the bed and prepare the ground. You do not want grass and weeds growing through your mulch so you need to till up the area to kill any grass or weeds that are already growing and then cover the area with landscaping cloth. The cloth prevents any vegetation from growing up through your mulch.

Measure the Area

Mulch is often sold by cubic foot. You need to measure the length and width of the area where you want to create the mulch bed. The mulch supplier will need to know the size of the bed and how deep you want the mulch to be in the bed so that they can determine the cubic feet of the bed for you.

Order Your Mulch

When you order the mulch, you need to order one color of mulch to use as the background of the mulch bed and a different color to create the large initial in the bed. You want the colors to be very contrasting so that the letter can easily be seen from the street. Red and black or beige and black are often great color choices to consider.

Design the Initial

Before the mulch arrives, you need to use a thin plastic landscaping border to create the initial in the center of the mulch bed. The border will keep the darker mulch from mixing with the lighter mulch when you are done. The plastic border is flexible so you can create rounded edges as needed.

Create Your Background

When the mulch arrives, use a shovel to spread the base color over your mulch bed, avoiding the design you created. You want to be sure that it is spread as evenly as possible so that it has a finished look when you are done.

Fill Your Design

Next, use the lighter mulch to fill in the design you created. Be sure that you add enough mulch to make the initial flush with the surrounding mulch, but do not add so much that it falls over the border into the darker mulch.

Once you have finished your design, you should see a bold mulch bed that has a unique look to it. When you pass by the bed every day, be sure to take a look at it to be sure that the initial is still very distinguishable. If any of the mulch has moved around in the bed, you can instantly remedy the situation by moving the bothersome pieces back where they go to make the initial very visible again.

For assistance, talk to a mulch suppier.