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Essential Skid Steer Attachments for Landscaping

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As a landscaper, you have to be able to move all sorts of materials and take on all sorts of jobs. The right equipment will help you to do just that. A skid steer equipped with all of the right attachments just might be all the machinery you need to take on landscaping jobs. There are dozens of attachments that you can buy for skid steers, but to get started, the following three attachments will get you well on your way:

An Auger

An auger looks like a giant screw blade and come in different sizes. For instance, an eight-inch auger can be used to put in fence posts. You can find hand-driven augers, but if you buy an auger attachment for a skid steer, you can do many times the work with a lot less sweat. By using a larger auger, you can dig holes to plant trees in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, there are some augers that are too large to be powered by a skid steer, but as long as you are only planting small trees, a skid steer should be all you need. 

A Grader

Landscapers spend a lot of time grading yards in preparation for sod or hydroseed. You can find all sorts of grading attachments for tractors that will make your job easier, but skid steers are super maneuverable and small enough to fit in spaces that other tractors won't be able to go, helping the grading in every area. If you want to save your back, then you should buy a grading attachment for your skid steer. 

Forklift Attachment

Many landscaping materials come on pallets. You can also use old pallets and pile rocks, limbs, and other debris on the pallet. The best way to pick up and move pallets is with a forklift. Thus, by buying a forklift attachment, you can increase your ability to move materials around a job site. 

A skid steer is a little like a multitool. You have all sorts of attachments that you can deploy as needed on a job. While you might not be able to buy every attachment all at once, you can buy attachments here and there as you go, or you can simply buy a few basic attachments and make do. Most landscapers can benefit from using a skid steer, especially when you make it work for you.

However, if you're finding you need some landscaping services yourself, consider turning to local professionals, such as Valentino Lawncare.