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Create A Low-Maintenance Landscape With Eastern Red Cedar Trees For Your Busy Life

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Enjoying a beautiful yard with lush landscaping may appear difficult if you do not have the time needed for daily yard care. Luckily, there are many low-maintenance trees that can help to spruce up your yard without all the work involved in more demanding trees. For a sustainable tree that is easy to care for and has a number of other appealing benefits, consider the Eastern red cedar tree. 

Can Survive in Most Zones

With the Eastern red cedar tree growing steadily in zones 2 through 9, you can enjoy this tree practically anywhere in the United States. With the ability to thrive in practically any temperature, this can also be helpful during the change of seasons since it will live without negative side effects from the heat or cold.

Has Basic Sunlight Needs

While some plants require you to carefully find a spot where it gets partial sun or shade, the Eastern red cedar tree enjoys being in full sunlight. If your yard currently has an unfinished landscape, simply look for a spot that receives sunlight throughout the entire day and pick your favorite location.

Lives Longer than a Century

Long lifespans are something that most people look for when choosing trees so that they will not need to replace the tree any time in their own life. A great benefit that comes with Eastern red cedar trees is that they can be expected to live for longer than 150 years.

Thrives in Almost Any Soil

Another benefit of choosing these trees is that they can do well in practically any kind of soil. From swampy land to dry rock, you can expect the tree to take root and grow steadily in the soil you plant it in.

Enjoy Foliage All Year Long

Since the Eastern red cedar tree is an evergreen tree, you can enjoy a lush tree during every season. By having a tree on your property that does well throughout the entire year, you do not need to worry about growing seasonal plants as much or coming home to a landscape that looks bare and uninviting.

The hardiness of these trees make them an excellent choice for any homeowner with a busy lifestyle. With the minimal maintenance needed and the beautiful appearance of these trees, you can expect your yard to look great and you will not need to devote a lot of time or effort towards routine landscaping. Contact a landscaper, such as Rock Solid Services LLC, for more information.