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2 Erosion Control Methods You Can Use On Your Property

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If you have problems with eroding hillsides on your property, you are probably looking for some kind of solution to the problem. There are several things that you can do that not only help you with that but can also help beautify your property as well. 


There are all kind of plants that you could choose to use to help stabilize your hillside. One of the choices is to go with something like a native grass. However, if your hill is particularly steep, you may not want to put anything there that you are going to need to mow. There are decorative grasses that you could choose to use instead, like pampas grass. Pampas grass is a South American strain of grass. It grows very tall and has a feathery plume at the top. There are different varieties of pampas grass, and some of them are different colors. Grasses and decorative grasses make a good erosion control plant because they tend to grow relatively quickly, which means that their roots can start holding down the soil quicker. 

Ivies are another good plant to use to help control erosion. They will vine and spread across the hillside. They need minimal work once you have planted them. The one big thing you are going to need to do if you choose to plant some kind of ivy is make sure that you keep an eye on the edges of where you want the ivy to be. It can eventually try to escape the area where you want it, but just trimming back any runners or even putting a trellis or fence around the area will give the ivy a way to be controlled. 

Retaining Walls

Another way to control erosion is to use a retaining wall. Retaining walls work to control erosion in a couple of different ways. One is that the wall will give the water runoff a different direction to go. Instead of washing all the dirt away, the retaining wall can catch the water, sending it away from the pattern of erosion. This is especially true if you add in a drainage pipe as part of your wall build. The water would be directed into the drainage pipe in order to stop soil runoff from happening. Another way that retaining walls work to stop erosion is that the physically hold back the dirt. You can combine retaining walls and plants for an even more effective method, and one which is even more attractive. 

Erosion can be a serious problem. If you are worried about it, there are different options that you can use to control erosion on your property. Talk to a landscaping company, like K & R Lawn and Landscaping, for help.