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Beautify Your Company's Property With A Flowerbed And Decorative Border

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Install a new flower bed and a decorative border to the front of your company's property by completing the steps below. The flower bed and border will attract attraction from individuals passing by and can be enjoyed throughout the year by anyone who stops by your business.


  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • rope
  • rake
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden tiller
  • large shovel
  • flowering plants
  • topsoil
  • water hose
  • paving stones
  • gravel
  • mulch
  • handheld rake

Mark And Clear Land, Add Flowering Plants

Choose a section of your company's property that you would like to draw attention to. Choose an empty area that is level and that receives plenty of sunlight. Use a measuring tape, pieces of rope, and garden stakes to mark an area that has straight sides. Rake up large pieces of debris from the marked section. Use a garden tiller to remove sod or weeds from the same section. Move the garden tiller across the ground in straight lines to do this.

Once the  marked section is clear, choose which areas you would like to enhance with flowering plants. Use a shovel to dig a hole for each plant. Place each flowering plant's roots inside of one of the holes and cover them with soil. If any portions of the newly dug section need additional soil, add topsoil where needed with a shovel. Use a water hose to add water to the base of each plant that was added.

Use Paving Stones To Create A Border

View different types of paving stones at a landscaping business or home improvement center. Once you choose a style that you prefer, measure the length and width of one of the stones so that you can determine how many others you will need to purchase in order to create a border around the new flower bed.

After you have acquired the new paving stones, line them up next to each other around the flowering plants. Push each stone firmly into the ground until they are all stable. To prevent weeds from growing in between or next to the paving stones, sprinkle some gravel or mulch onto portions of the ground that you wish to protect. Use a handheld rake to spread either material out evenly.

Maintain The Flower Bed And Border

To maintain the new flower bed and border, add water to the plants on a regular basis. Remove any debris or stains from the surface of each paving stone by spraying all of them off with a water hose when needed. 

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