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Avoid Waste: Where To Donate A Cut Or Downed Tree

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At some point every tree is either cut down or will fall on its own. The decision to cut down a tree is difficult for many homeowners because they fear a beautiful part of nature is being wasted. Trees do add a lot of value when they are standing, but there are also many ways to make use of them after they are removed. Here are a few suggestions about how to donate the cut trees to make the removal a little easier to bear. 

Give to Businesses

A growing number of companies around the country accept donated felled trees in order to reclaim the wood. The products made from the wood are sold for profit by these companies. Many are located in urban areas where downed trees are typically thrown out because there is little need for firewood. Many will take any type of hard or soft wood and will accept diseased wood as well. Search for reclaimed wood builders to find someone interested in the tree.

Offer to Artists

Another option is to donate to a local artist that creates furniture or wood sculptures. Look for local crafting and art registries or craft clubs to find artists who may have an interest in the trees. Craftspeople that make frames for their own art or for sale may also appreciate the gift. 

Donate to Schools

Many middle schools, high schools and vocational colleges offer carpentry classes and appreciate donations to their programs. Contact local schools to see if any wood donations are needed and what resources they have available for collecting the tree. Some are able retrieve the full tree from the property and others need the tree to be cut and delivered to them. 

Sell for Charity

Sell the tree for firewood or other use and send the profit to any one of the dozens of charities that are working to preserve forests. Examples include The Nature Conservancy, The National Forest Foundation and The Arbor Day Foundation. There are local opportunities too. Consider purchasing and donating a beautiful mature tree to a local school, nursing facility or municipal park.

Tree removal services generally mulch and chip the trees they remove from their client's property. The mulch and chips can either remain with the homeowner or the landscape company will use the material for other landscaping jobs. This helps to prevent the worry of the wood going to waste and taking up space in a local landfill. The same companies also offer cleanup services for trees that fell due to disease or storm damage.