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Laying Sod In The Fall: Things You Should Know

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Keeping your landscape in pristine condition isn't just reserved for the spring and summer months. It's just as important to make sure your grass has a solid foundation prior to winter setting is as it is to make sure it's ready for the months of sunshine and grass cutting. There are many reasons to lay sod in the fall, such as overhauling your yard, putting in a new sprinkler system, or simply re-seeding or placing sod in areas that have become worn and bare. Here are things you should know about laying sod in the fall so you can have a beautiful yard come spring.

Water your soil well

You want your soil extra-watered prior to laying down sod, almost borderline muddy. The reason for this is simple: during the fall season, your water supply is often shut off or discontinued to prevent sprinkler pipes from freezing or spigots from bursting. This means your sod will need all the watering it can get in a very short amount of time. Water your soil deeply until all the area is saturated a few inches deep, then water in the sod once the sod laying company has finished their work. You will want to continue regular watering of your new sod until you turn your sprinklers off for the winter or the first frost hits.

Choose cool, not cold, temperatures

Once frost has hit, you may find yourself having trouble getting your new sod's roots to grow quickly. Cooler temperatures, especially on an overcast fall day, are wonderful for grass and the tender roots that want to thrive. Early fall is the best time to lay sod, but if you do wait until later in the season where frost is imminent, you can protect your new grass by continuing to water until the sod has had a week or so to firmly ground itself. Watering in the early morning and late evening can keep your new grass moist and prevent sticking frost, which can help protect the root structure until your sod stands on its own.

You can have beautiful sod laid almost any time of year, and if you choose fall, you will be pleasantly surprised by how great your lawn can turn out. For a gorgeous landscape reveal in the spring, take special care of the sod that gets placed in your yard in the fall by watering regularly and choosing the right temperatures for planting. Your sod supplier can help you choose the best fall times to plant for optimum growth. Contact a company like Metro Sod & Seeding Inc to learn more.