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4 Types of Important Regular Landscaping Maintenance Tasks

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When you ignore your landscaping there are a lot of different problems that can quickly arise. The amount of maintenance, as well as what needs to be done regularly, will depend on the landscaping you have. However, this general guide to routine landscaping maintenance will educate you on the things that you must have done in order to fend off problems and keep your landscape looking good.

Lawn mowing

Having your lawn mowed on a regular basis not only keeps it looking good, but it also helps the lawn stay healthy, and brings other benefits. Keeping your lawn at a healthy length with mowing will make it easier for you to recognize when you are overwatering. Overwatering the lawn can kill the lawn just as underwatering will. Too much water will also create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to breed.


A few weeds will quickly become a lot of weeds. Also, certain types of weeds can rapidly develop very strong and thick roots that will be harder to remove as time goes on. Not only do weeds look horrible, but they also kill nearby foliage by competing with it for water. Certain types of weeds can be harmful to pets when their stickers or burs become embedded in the pet's orifices or paws. They also hurt people when the stickers come in contact with the skin when stepped on or stuck to clothing.

Tree and bush trimming

Regular tree trimming is important to prevent hazards from heavy branches that can fall, as well as when they grow to threaten roofs and power lines. Trimming tree branches away from the roof also prevents leaves from falling in the gutters and causing a blockage that can be problematic to the roof and home's exterior. Regular bush trimming is important for limiting the number of insects, rodents, and wildlife that can nest in thick bushes.

Raking up leaves

When leaves are left to set on the lawn for an extended period of time, the leaves can kill the grass. This is due to the leaves blocking those areas of the lawn from being able to get an ample amount of sunlight that the lawn needs in order to thrive. Leaves can also cause the lawn to stay wet longer and more than it should. Not only does a constantly wet lawn increase the mosquito risk, but it can cause mushrooms to grow in certain areas.

If you need help in keeping up with these maintenance tasks, considering hiring landscaping companies such as Charlottesville Lawn Care.