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What To Do When A Tree In Your Yard Is Growing Into Power Lines

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Mature trees are valued for their shade and beauty. However, there are times when a tree can grow so large that it becomes a danger. This often happens when trees are planted near power lines. Here's a look at why trees and electricity aren't a good match and what to do if your tree is growing into power lines over your property.

Why Trees And Power Lines Are A Dangerous Mix

When you plant a tree, you should always know it's expected growth height so you can prevent problems like a tree getting so tall it grows into power lines. However, someone may have planted your tree decades ago and now you're left to deal with the problem. One reason to have the tree trimmed or removed is because a tree that's near a power line can get so hot that it catches on fire and the fire could spread over your property and reach your house. Another problem with trees and power lines is that a strong wind could bend a big branch and cause a power line to snap and knock out your electricity. A tree that's tangled in a power line can also be a shock hazard if you're working near the tree or if one of your kids decides to climb the tree and gets close to a power line.

What To Do About A Tree Near A Power Line

The first thing to do is check to see if the tree is in a utility easement. If the tree is planted right under the line, it's probably in an easement, and that means the power company is most likely responsible for trimming or removing the tree. If this is the case, call your power company and report the tree. The power company will check the tree and trim or remove it as they see fit. They may trim the tree with an eye on power line safety and not care so much about the appearance of the tree. However, when a tree is on an easement, you may not have any say about what is done to the tree and you may not be allowed to trim or remove it yourself, since doing so would be too dangerous.

If the tree is growing under the power line that goes from the pole to your house, then the tree is your responsibility rather than the power company's. You might still need to involve the power company since a tree service may not work on the tree until the power company has shut off the power. If this is where your problem tree is located, then discuss the situation with a tree service. A tree professional can advise on the best way to trim the tree so it can be saved if possible. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the tree, and if so, the tree service might help you choose a more suitable tree to plant in its place.

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