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Are You Planning Your Spring Landscaping For 2020?

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If you are already planning your landscaping for 2020, that must mean that you are quite the gardener. After all, summer has just come to a close and leaves are changing, right? Do you already have your 2020 landscaping design completed? 

Maybe you are in the organization part of your spring landscaping and you are looking for ideas. If that's the case, from lawn fertilization services to adding new designs to your garden, here are some ideas that might help you.

Lawn Fertilization Services - Even before hard winter hits, think about contacting a service that does lawn fertilization. The service will send workers who are trained and who have experience in detecting what needs to be done before our grass is dormant during the winter months. You might be told that it would be good to go ahead and take care of out-of-control weeds now. Or, the workers might just suggest that you want until early spring to do the fertilization and to take care of the weeds.

It's true that you'll have to pay for the lawn service. However, the fact that the workers will be paying attention to detail will make the money you spend worth it. For example, the workers might discover disease in your grass that could literally kill the rest of your lawn. They will have proper chemicals to take care of the problem without adversely affecting the environment. Even if you have the lawn service come now, think of scheduling a follow up in the early spring.

Add New Designs To Your Landscape - Besides taking care of your lawn, there are other ways that you can add beauty and drama to your 2020 landscaping. For example, maybe you are interested in planting new trees. Find out when you should plant them. Or, it might be that you have always wanted to try your hand at raising roses. Use the winter months to study which roses will be the easiest ones for you to grow as a beginner. You might start out with rose bushes in large planters and then graduate to having an entire rose garden.

Another idea is to buy statuary for your front yard and back yard. For instance, a collection of small animal statues might add charm to your back yard. Place the small statues among potted plants to add interest to the area. A large statue, maybe one of an angel, might be perfect for a designated area in your front yard. 

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