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Give Your Vacation Cottage's Property A Facelift

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Overgrown grass and weeds, poorly maintained trees and shrubs, and a lack of color may make your vacation cottage look abandoned and perhaps, you often deal with an influx of mosquitoes, due to the unkempt yard. A landscape design service will integrate natural and articial features, to provide you with a neat and tidy yard that you will yearn spending time in.

A Purpose For Each Addition

A crew that provides landscape design services will handle basic upkeep, which will get the yard back in order and will aid in restoring health to plants growing on the land. There are ways to enhance the current items that are growing, which may include adding a wooden or a paved border around the base of trees and shrubs or adding some mulch, colored pebbles, or straw along the sides of a walkway.

The new additions will add some color, but will also aid in blocking weeds from growing and keeping the soil moist. Some other additions to consider are ones that will add a fragrance to your property or that may encourage birds and butterflies to visit your yard. A row of flowers that are a contrasting color to the siding on your home will add some domestic qualities to your yard and will make it known that your vacation cottage is occupied.

With each landscaping service, think about how you will be able to utilize the new features. Maybe you are interested in cultivating flowers on a routine basis, so that you have plenty of flowering varieties to use to create flower arrangements that can be displayed in your home or maybe you would like to set up a nice area out front that can be used for entertaining your guests. 

Recurring Services

The original condition of your property will determine how often a landscaping team will need to perform residential services. During an initial visit, pesticides and herbicides may be administered, to treat the mosquito and weed problem. If shrubs and trees were wilted and the pruning that they received has aided them somewhat, there may be additional treatment steps necessary to fully restore the health of the items.

Additionally, grass cutting, and flowering plant care will be standard requirements for a healthy and attractive yard. If you would like to switch things up during each season, have a landscaping crew aid you in adding themed decor and foliage or festive items to your property, that will be representative of a particular season or a holiday.