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Residential Lawn Care To Provide VIP Service To Your Lawn

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The look and condition of your lawn are going to have a big effect on how your home looks from the outside and can also cause your home's value to keep up with market prices. When you neglect your landscaping and lawn care, you actually cost yourself more money in the long run with needed repairs and updates to your property, and the reduction in your home's value if you choose to sell. Here are some professional residential lawn and yard care services you can benefit from as a homeowner.

Mowing Services

One of the main components of your yard's lawn care is a healthy mowing routine. This type of lawn care should include a mowing routine that trims off your lawn's new growth without cutting too much of the lawn's length. A trim of no more than one-third of the lawn's length is a recommendation for healthy lawn plants, and you should do this in a regular manner. 

So, to prevent having to trim off too much of the lawn's length, your lawn care professional should be flexible in their mowing routine so they can mow as frequently as possible, such as during the springtime when new growth comes in quickly after heavy spring rains and warm temperatures. This also means that in the heat of summer, when the growth slows, your lawn may not grow as quickly and won't need to be trimmed as frequently.

When your lawn professional mows your lawn, they should also be aware of the pattern they mow over your lawn. Mowing in the same direction each time will cause your lawn blades to grow in one direction and can cause your lawn to lay flat and have ruts in the turf. Instead, vary the mowing direction of your lawn. For example, mow in a circular pattern going in a clockwise direction one week, then the next week mow counter-clockwise. Then, the following week, mow diagonally back and forth.

Lawn Management

In addition to mowing your lawn, it is going to need specific care to help the condition of the soil and also repair any dead spots and bare patches in the soil. Sometimes the soil's condition can cause your lawn to grow poorly or not at all, especially when it becomes compacted from age and root growth. Lawn aeration is an important service your lawn care professional can treat your lawn with to loosen the soil's compaction and help allow fertilizers, moisture, and oxygen to the roots of your soil to benefit its health. 

Also, look for an overseeding application in the fall or the spring to any thin or bare spots in your lawn. This can help repair lawn damage from excessive shade due to a new tree's growth and can repair die-off from disease or grub worm problems.

For more information about residential lawn services, contact a local landscaping company.