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Two Reasons Why You Should Apply Landscape Rocks to Your Yard

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Few things can make your home stand out like a beautiful yard. Plush grass and well-pruned trees and shrubbery can go a long way toward enhancing the curb appeal of your house. However, there’s another product that can make your lawn even more attractive: landscape rocks. These are rocks that come in many different sizes and that you can use to adorn your yard. Use this information to learn more about why you should apply landscape rocks to your lawn right away. Read More»

Laying Sod In The Fall: Things You Should Know

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Keeping your landscape in pristine condition isn’t just reserved for the spring and summer months. It’s just as important to make sure your grass has a solid foundation prior to winter setting is as it is to make sure it’s ready for the months of sunshine and grass cutting. There are many reasons to lay sod in the fall, such as overhauling your yard, putting in a new sprinkler system, or simply re-seeding or placing sod in areas that have become worn and bare. Read More»

Want To Spruce Up Your Yard With Kids In Mind? 3 Landscaping Projects To Consider

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Making your yard have the curb appeal that is important to you, while also making it functional for your whole family, should be goals you take on when your yard hasn’t had much work done. If you’re eager to get landscaping done so that your yard looks beautiful and is an inviting spot for your family, you need to look into what kinds of features should be included. If you’re unsure of how to fix up your yard to make it a favorite play spot for your kids, consider the following projects. Read More»

How to Lay Steel Landscape Edging

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If you want to enhance the look of your landscape, install a steel landscape edge. Steel landscape edging improves the yard’s appearance by adding neatly defined borders around plants and flower beds as well as a defined mowing edge. Steel landscape edge can also be adapted to fit around curves and corners. You should be able to install steel landscape edging yourself. Here are tips to install a steel landscape edging. Prepare to Work Read More»

Japanese Water Landscaping In Your Yard: Should You And Can You Do It?

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Are you in love with all things Japanese? Thinking about converting your yard into a classic Japanese water garden? That could be quite the project. Before you get started, here is what this project will entail, as well as some salient points about culture and garden design to help you decide if you should attempt this garden project. Cultural Sensitivities First and foremost, when you are not Japanese or Japanese-American, you want to be sure that a project like this will not be viewed as culturally insensitive. Read More»

Avoid Waste: Where To Donate A Cut Or Downed Tree

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At some point every tree is either cut down or will fall on its own. The decision to cut down a tree is difficult for many homeowners because they fear a beautiful part of nature is being wasted. Trees do add a lot of value when they are standing, but there are also many ways to make use of them after they are removed. Here are a few suggestions about how to donate the cut trees to make the removal a little easier to bear. Read More»

Beautify Your Company's Property With A Flowerbed And Decorative Border

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Install a new flower bed and a decorative border to the front of your company’s property by completing the steps below. The flower bed and border will attract attraction from individuals passing by and can be enjoyed throughout the year by anyone who stops by your business. Materials measuring tape garden stakes rope rake wheelbarrow garden tiller large shovel flowering plants topsoil water hose paving stones gravel mulch handheld rake Mark And Clear Land, Add Flowering Plants Read More»

2 Erosion Control Methods You Can Use On Your Property

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If you have problems with eroding hillsides on your property, you are probably looking for some kind of solution to the problem. There are several things that you can do that not only help you with that but can also help beautify your property as well.  Plants There are all kind of plants that you could choose to use to help stabilize your hillside. One of the choices is to go with something like a native grass. Read More»

3 Ways To Reduce Resource Use When Landscaping Your Commercial Property

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Aesthetically pleasing landscaping can help your customers feel welcome when they visit your place of business. Unfortunately, landscaping can require the use of expensive resources like water to maintain. If you are looking for some simple ways to reduce your company’s dependence on natural resources, here are three landscaping tips to keep in mind. 1. Use native vegetation in your landscape design. As you consider the types of vegetation you want to incorporate into your commercial landscape design, it can be beneficial to feature native species. Read More»